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When we joined Weight Watchers in July, 2011, it was the last stop on the line in so many ways. Dexter was considering lap band surgery, and I was within a whisper of my highest weight ever.

Thanks to perseverance, teamwork, cheerleading and Weight Watchers, we’re now halfway to our goal weights. It seems worth a quick look back before moving forward.

Dexter, 50 Pounds Lighter

 What I’ve learned so far:

  • It really is all about me.
  • Prior planning prevents poor performance.
  • I have to make a plan that works for me. 
  • I have to be adaptable.
  • Accountability works.
Kimi, 40 Pounds Lighter

What I’ve learned so far:

  • A positive attitude is crucial to success. 
  • Home is a safety zone. If the junk food doesn’t come in the door, it doesn’t get eaten. 
  • Non-negotiables and limits are tools to help me manage my weight for the rest of my life.
  • A snack and a treat are not the same thing.
  • It’s all about planning, access and balance.
About Not Done Yet

One thing we realized at the outset was that we were choosing Weight Watchers as the method of managing our weight for the rest of our lives (well, once Dexter gave up on the little blue cup)*. That includes tracking what we eat, daily activity, weekly meetings, regular weigh-ins and fantastic lifetime support.

This is just the way we’vechosen. Other people use equally effective methods that fit with their lives. We think that the biggest thing is finding the way that works, working that every day and being proud of every choice that leads to (or maintains) a healthy, happy life.

We’re not done yet because we have a whole lot of living left to do. Cowabunga, Dude!


*Stay tuned for more about the little blue cup in a forthcoming blog.

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