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Celebrating Off-the-Scale Victories


As I approach my year anniversary of the day I decided to take control of my weight and health, it occurred to me that, sometimes, I can get fixated on the number on the scale. I get caught up wondering why sometimes it seems to not move, or at least, not move a quickly as I might want it to. So today’s topic is celebrating the victories that I might be overlooking and stepping back to see the big picture.

Off-The-Scale Victory #1

Last Saturday morning after my Weight Watcher’s weigh-in (which actually went very well with a 2.4 pound loss), I headed off to Planet Fitness to kick start my day working out.

Now Kimi (the other half of this dynamic duo) and I have been working on preparing to actually run our first 5K race by utilizing a 30/30 program. The 30/30 program is interval training that builds you up to running a full 30 minutes in 30 days.

I’ve have been doing this for a few weeks now and had gotten to the 10-15 minute area of running. However, last Saturday, I stepped on the treadmill, set my speed at 4.5 mph and started running. To my surprise as I approached the 15 minutes level, I thought, “Hey, I feel good!” So I continued running another 5 minutes followed by 5 more.

I continued to increase in 5 minutes increments until I looked down and was closing in on 3 miles and 40 minutes. To say I was shocked would indeed be an understatement.

Of course, at that point it became a goal to actually run the entire 5K or 3.1 miles. I am proud to say that, as of last weekend, I actually ran a full 5K! This works out well since I am signed up to run the Color Me Rad 5K in late July. Off-the-scale victory #1!!

Off-The-Scale Victory #2

The next day was children’s Sunday at church. Each year, I work with our Pre-K kids to do a little presentation during the service. Now, working with that age group is nothing short of herding cats or nailing Jell-O to a tree, and last year they ran me totally ragged. At 285 pounds, I just could not keep up with the kids. I could not easily get down on the floor with them in what we call the “criss cross applesauce” position, and I always finished the service exhausted, sweating, out of breath with my face looking like a tomato that was about to explode (which several concerned congregants always felt the need to comment on).

This year was a different story altogether. Not only did I easily and comfortably “criss cross applesauce,” but I was all over that stage encouraging each child to participate in the story. At the end of service, not only was I not sweaty and gross, but not one single person commented on my tomato face. Off-the-scale victory #2!!

Off-The-Scale Victory #3

The day just kept getting better after that. I met a friend for lunch and test rode several bicycles in preparation for purchasing a new bike (I’ve signed up to do this in August). 

Now, where I live, we tend to have that day every year where summer makes its presence known. That day was Sunday as the temps climbed into the mid to upper 90’s. A year ago, I would have been scurrying for cover and air conditioning.

Not this year. After testing bikes, we went for a long walk, sat on the porch and enjoyed the first hot day of Summer, 2012. Off-the-scale victory #3!!

Living Life. Actively.

It has been an amazing first year of successful and consistent weight loss on the scale. Yet, here’s the thing: I am most proud of the my ability to be active and say “yes” to so many more things this summer than I was a year ago. So far this summer, I have a 5K planned, a 17 mile bike ride, kayaking, and at least one trip to an amusement park where I am looking so forward to riding a roller coaster with no fear of not being able to fit in the safety harness. It’s summertime and the living is easy!!

I hope that my blogging about my journey to better health and weight management helps to encourage others to take back their lives and start to “LIVE LIFE ACTIVE”. It is indeed a journey, and as we say around here, I Am Not Done Yet!


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