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Fatticus Evaporous!


I’m a big fan of a plan. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t and sometimes they fail miserably. But at least a plan gives me a starting point, a destination and some tools to get there. 

With that in mind, I came up with a few strategies to help me navigate several days at Harry Potter world during a recent family vacation.  

The results were pretty startling. After a hiatus from the scale, my two week total weight loss was 6.8 pounds upon our return from the world of wizards.

Fatticus Evaporous!!

Considering those great lessons recently learned on vacation, I feel like this summer could be a great time to really ramp it up. So, I worked out the following roadmap for a summer of success:

(1) 12,000 Steps Daily. This is definitely a stretch goal. A lot of days, I’m lucky to get in 6,000.

(2) 9PM Bedtime. Can’t get up to run at 5:30 AM if I stay up all night.

(3) Scale Down the Household Food Supply. We (I) tend to overbuy at the grocery store. We had a pretty small household food supply while on vacation, with a goal of using everything up by the end of the week. I’m thinking there are good lessons there, so I’m trying to scale down the fridge/ pantry to a manageable level, creating more turnover in the inventory. This way, there’s lots of variety, which keeps the food interesting.

(4) Meeting the Weight Watchers Good Health Guidelines. This includes 8 glasses of water, 5 servings daily of fruit and veg, 2 healthy fats, a multi-vitamin, daily activity and 2 servings of dairy.

(5) Plan for Vacations. Clearly, having a plan for out-of-town time, whether that’s a weekend or longer, is crucial for my success. Things I do include packing points-friendly food, figuring out how I will get in daily activity or how to work around the constraints. Forward thinking is often the difference-maker for me.

(6) Tweet Daily Points/ Steps. This level of accountability is really pretty amazing. Knowing that I’ve committed to checking in daily really helps keep me on track. By the way, those tweets appear on the sidebar of this blog, so you can always peek in on me to see how things are going. :0)

(7) Weekly Weight-Ins and Meetings. I try never to miss a weigh-in, and if I do, I don’t write off that week as “a loss.” I’m still on plan, and I still have another weigh-in coming up. Being at a meeting is an irreplacable experience. The people and discussions at the meetings help keep me grounded, and the ideas and inspirations in that room are just amazing.

(8) Weight Training. I’ve gotten out of the habit of resistance training while I’ve been focusing on cardio training. I plan to work weights and yoga back into my fitness plan with at least 2 weight lifting sessions per week and 1 yoga class per week.

(9) Two-a-Days. While I’m putting in my time running in the morning, I’m incorporating two-a-day workouts at least four days a week. This helps me get in those additional fitness features (like weights and yoga) while still keeping the cardio going. Two-a-days include running in the morning plus a class and/or weights in the evenings.

(10) Master Meal Planning. I’m using a couple of different tools to get a handle on meal planning. To me, great meal planning is a weeks worth of menus that doesn’t use 500 different ingredients. It makes shopping and prep work easy and keeps everyone in the household on track – very important when one is planning on spending a lot of time running around! I’ve signed up for The Fresh 20, which is a fantastic resource, as well as Plan to Eat, which helps me manage everyone’s menu (no one in my house eats the same things). It’s a bit of work to get in the swing of regular meal planning, but it’s a habit that I know will be well worth creating.

(11) Adjust, Adapt, Overcome. When all else fails, I remind myself that I have the tools necessary to succeed if I just tap into them. I can always adjust and adapt to any situation, overcoming any obstacle.


While I realize this is a pretty aggressive plan, I know that these steps help me to create positive habits. I’m not trying to do these things in the short term – these are all long-term tools that I want to embed in my psyche for ongoing success. As we say around here, I’ll never be “done” – but I can get better and better. :0)

Follow me on Twitter for #dailycheckin (@kiminotdoneyet), and join in with your own daily check in, if you’d like. We’d love to hear from you!

In the meantime, wishing you an awesomelicious day and a summer filled with sunshine and success!



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