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What We Gain When We Lose


I once again find myself turning to the topic of not judging all my successes based only a number on the scale and in the worlds of that eternal kid Peter Pan…

When I look at myself

And I see in myself

All the wonderful things that I see

If I’m pleased with myself

I have ev’ry good reason to be.”

The list of what we gain when we decide to take control of our lives will normally begin in our closets. We suddenly have a renewed wardrobe that comes normally at first from that side of the closet…you know that way back corner where we stash the items to good to give away because it shrank in the dryer…..yeah those clothes. Yes our skinny clothes once again see the light of day and going hand in hand with that is that we gain extra space on the other side of the closet as well because we can now give away the more “stretchy” items of our wardrobe. I will admit to keeping my original belt that I was wearing a year ago. It is hanging on my wall as a reminder to me of where I have been and where I will never go again. Sometimes when I am struggling with food choices or lack of motivation to stay physically active I wrap it around my waist just so I know I can and am making better choices and creating this change in me.

We gain the power to say yes to new and exciting adventures and opportunities that have probably all ways been there, but for me personally being overweight was an excuse to say no too many things in my life. I would never have dreamed of saying yes to doing a 10K or the challenge of an 18 mile bike ride. Today I am saying yes to those and so many more, and trust me when I say that my life is changing rapidly and for the better.

Going hand in hand with that is also our ability to say NO to those things that are not perhaps in our best interest. We can say no to negativity, and no to poor food choices. In short we have gained our voices back and taken back our lives.

I guess all of this adds up to what is perhaps the biggest gain we get when we lose, and that is the confidence to do all those things we may have been putting off in our lives. I can say without hesitation that I was allowing my weight to keep me from fully participating in life. I had a very busy life before begin my weight loss journey but a great deal of the things I was doing consisted of simply going through the motion. I did not have the energy to enjoy them the way I can today.

Here is my motivational tip for today. When it gets tough and life get chaotic and we want to throw in the towel take 5,10, or 15 minutes to sit down relax and write down all the good things that have rises to the surface of our lives as we each progress on our own journeys to being healthier,active,more  confident people. The journey is often long and at times very slow, but it is my journey to take and as always “I am not done yet”

“I Gotta Crow!!”


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