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One Year, Part I

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July 20th marked my one year anniversary of rejoining Weight Watchers and starting on the road of (finally) becoming a lifetime member. I’m not done yet, but I did take a few minutes to look back through a year’s worth of posts into my eTools tracker. What I found was sort of interesting.

Month 1

Getting to the first meeting was most of the battle. I made a decision before I ever walked in the room that this was it. I was committed, no matter how long the process was going to take.

I still sandbagged a little. I had the biggest breakfast in the world before I weighed in that day at noon – and I counted that breakfast. Scrambled eggs with cheese, restaurant sized blueberry bagel with full fat cream cheese, and real cream in my coffee, for a grand total of 32 points. That’s more points for breakfast than my target for the entire day.

I didn’t even bother trying to get active that first month. I was clearly trying to figure out the food. I averaged 30 points per day, even though my target at the time was 29.

One item tracked I will never forget: San Pelligrino Limonata. I was at the pool and wanted some lemony bubble water. I thought it was just seltzer with a little lemon juice thrown in.

About ¾ of the way through the soda, I remember saying to my friend, “Gee, this is awfully sweet!” Then I turned the can around and looked at the label. FOUR POINTS PLUS! Talk about a lesson in checking the points BEFORE consuming!

The rest of my meals were pretty reasonable. Among the fruits and veggies were also a generous sprinkling of Lean Cuisine, Skinny Cow and Orville Redenbocker light popcorn.

On 8/12, just shy of one month on the program, I wrote this in my online notes:

This morning, for the first time since starting (this round) of WW, I could feel a difference in my clothes. Yahoo!

Pounds lost: 8

Average food points per day: 30 (target: 29)

Average activity points per day: 0

Month 2

This was when I started to pick up activity. My first activity points were earned on a trip to the beach with my sister-in-law. We called it earning our wine points for dinner.

Hey, when inspiration and incentive combine, you have motivation for perspiration.

I picked up the activity pace when getting back home, initiating my personal 21 day challenge to complete 30 minutes of activity every day.

I started my exercise program on 9/4, walking for 30 minutes each day. When I couldn’t walk outside, I used the little mini-trampoline (rebounder) inside.

I reached 5% weight loss in this month.

Pounds lost: 3.2

Average food points per day: 29.7 (target: 29)

Average activity points per session: 6

Month 3

I got serious about exercise in month three. I joined a gym, took my first Zumba and Combat classes and I was hooked. No going back now.

I did yoga, pilates, Zumba, BodyJam, spinning, BodyCombat plus walking. I got my daily points down so that I was right on my target.

I was cooking now. And my weight loss showed it – doubled from the previous month.

This was also the month that I made an important discovery: hormones (and hormone imbalances) affect how much clarity I have around food consumption. Balanced hormones give me a fighting chance to make good choices. Unbalanced hormones turn me into a Hoover Vacuum on Speed.

Pounds lost: 6.2

Average food points per day: 29.1

Average activity points per day: 9

Month 4

This was the month that Dexter and I began attending a different WW meeting, and man, did things begin to click. Everyone in that room – like us – either had a pretty long road to travel or had been down that road and were now Lifetime Members.

There were multiple people who had lost over 100 pounds. Some had reached their goal weight. Some were still on the path.

The wisdom in that room was staggering.

I had also hit a plateau of sorts around this time and began experimenting with Wendie, Maggie and Spike.

In the end, it was a good month. I finally reached my 10%.

Pounds lost: 5.2

Average food points per day: 29.7

Average activity points per day: 10.75

Month 5

Moving into the Holiday Eating Season. It kicked off nicely when I hit the 25 pounds lost mark early in the month. However, my activity waned in frequency even if it stayed fairly level in terms of average activity points earned per session. My monthly total was down significantly from the previous month when I had exercised 28 days vs. 19 days in this current month.

Boredom had begun to set in as well, and I was trying all manner of new things – most of them processed foods. VitaTops, Progresso soups, different kinds of Lean Cuisines.

Weight loss was respectable, and that was fine with me. Slow may not win the race, but it’ll get you there in the end.

Pounds lost: 4.8

Average food points per day: 29

Number of Active days: 19

Average activity points per day: 11.47

Month Six

Month six took me through Christmas and New Year’s. While everyone else was eating their way through the holiday and facing their New Year’s Resolution, I was facing a new PointsPlus daily target: 26PP per day vs. 29 per day.

Three points is a lot to miss. That’s a daily dessert, or, in my case, my daily after-gym snack of low-sugar maple and brown sugar oatmeal. Weight Watchers changed the program to allow folks to optimize their weight loss by lowering the minimum number of daily points.

I appreciated the prospect of accelerated weight loss. I still missed my oatmeal.

It was a good month that saw my activity levels increase. I entered, wogged and finished my first 5K on January 1st. With some trepidation and excitement, Dexter and I signed up for the Monument Avenue 10K that was scheduled for March 31st, two months away. We had definitely embraced the idea of living life active.

Still, the holidays took their toll as I hit a plateau later in the month, bouncing around the same area on the scale.

This was the month that the turtle became my new mascot. Slow and steady… and stay in the race.

Weight Lost: 4 lbs

Total Weight Lost through 6 months: 33 lbs

Average food points per day: 31

Number of Active days: 28

Average activity points per day: 11

The First Half… Sort Of

I learned a lot in those first six months. Things like… how important limits and boundaries are.

That we are capable of creating new, better habits to counteract our old ones.

That home can be a safe zone rather than a place of endless consumption.

That hormonal adjustments create Hoover-like behavior.

That every day can be a new day with a reset button.

That activity is fun.

That being able to talk about it with people who are making their way through the same road helps. A lot.

That there’s no quitting, and we’re never going back again.

Mostly, I think I learned what living is. For me, I found out that living wasn’t sitting in front of a computer screen for 8 or 9 hours then coming home and eating in front of a television for another two or three hours before going to bed. I’m actually amazed at how much time I have now.

And I’m amazed at the things I look forward to doing vs. the things I used to look forward to watching on TV.

Stay Tuned! Next Tuesday: The second half and the next 30 pounds…because we are Not Done Yet!

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  1. The phrase “Hoover-like behavior” just makes me lol. I do like the idea of a reset button for every day, too.

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