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When I’m Sixty (4.2)


It was a big week at Weight Watchers for me. I’m now officially at 60.2 pounds lost and only 9.8 pounds from my goal.

Getting to this point over the last six weeks has been a crazy roller coaster. If you’ve got a minute, I’ll tell you about it.

I’m a Loser

The problem with success is that it teaches us to keep doing the same things. After losing 10 pounds in six week, a chorus rang in my head loud and clear:

Keep doing whatever you’re doing… and more of it!

That meant eating the same foods, doing the same exercises and trying to set an even faster pace for myself.

The results of all that sameness were dismal.

Hard Day’s Night

I spent the next six weeks up and down, chewing on the same five pounds.

At first, it felt like a normal “uphill” portion of this weight loss battle. But then the crazy night time eating started. And that scared me.

Thoughts of pizza and chocolate and bread seemed to compel me to the kitchen, raiding the cupboards and calling for take-out. It had been a long time since my family had seen me so keen on eating out or getting a few “sin foods” from the grocery.

They were moments of wicked abandon that became the abyss.

Yeah, okay, I’m being a little dramatic. But the truth was, the compulsion to eat was really pretty terrifying. I had come so far, and all the sudden, it seemed entirely possible that I might not be able to reach my goal weight.

Had I become Sisyphus, pushing all the way up the hill only to tumble back down again?


So here I was, face down in a ditch, and it was my best thinking that got me here (e.g., do more of the same).

Clearly, my plan was not working. It was time to call in the experts.

“Food bankruptcy,” declared Bobbi, my brilliant Weight Watchers Leader. “You are in food bankruptcy. Can’t get back on track by doing the same thing. Gotta do something different.”

Bobbi’s wisdom is hard won and priceless. A Weight Watchers member for more than 25 years and a Leader for much of that time, she’s seen it all and done much of it. I didn’t doubt her. I did what she suggested.

“Try new recipes,” she offered. “And have some meal pre-made in the fridge so that you can easily grab and go.”

Another good reminder came from an article about Olympic athlete nutrition tips. Don’t wait until the day before the race to try to fuel properly. Good nutrition has to happen every day.

All Together Now

I did have to get it all together and admit that I’d been cheating myself of one of the most important elements of success.


So this week, I really invested the time in my program. I found new recipes and did a lot of “make ahead,” preparing food that tasted great for my meals.

Please note: Tastes great was the FIRST requirement on the list. Recipes also had to be points friendly and nutritionally balanced. But first and foremost, the food had to taste great. It had to be food I wanted.

So instead of salads for lunch, I had sandwiches. Instead of low-point egg beaters for breakfast, I had hearty oatmeal. Instead of predictable dinners, I had (veggie) burgers and (sweet potato) fries.

We even went out to eat one night at our favorite local Mexican restaurant.

All week long I really enjoyed my food. And all week long I only used 17 of my extra weekly “party points.”

A Little Help from my Friends

Another feature this week was picking up some new and different activities.

After a lot of encouragement from my favorite Body Combat instructors and my sister-in-law, I finally went back to a Body Pump class. Plus I threw in a little more running with new music on my iPod for extra oomph.

Basically, I wanted to mix it up and add in some new things, just to give the body something new to assimilate.

When I’m 60 (4…. point 2)

Stepping on the scales this week, I knew it would be good news. I wasn’t quite prepared for how good.

“Four point two pounds,” Pat-the-Wonderful-Weigher said.


“And that’s officially sixty point two pounds lost total,” she said.


Okay, that’s crazy.

And awesome.

Tomorrow Never Knows

…9.8 pounds to goal, y’all… and even then, I won’t be “done.” It’ll just be a new leg of this journey called life.

Wishing you a most awesomelicious day when the unexpected is also wonderful.


All titles and subtitles are a heartfelt tribute to the Beatles and in honor of the London 2012 Olympics. Ticket to Ride, Baby!


  1. Goal weight in sight!!!!! LET IT BE!!! …..couldn’t stop myself…..

  2. I mean Bobbi!

  3. Bobbi, you are the BESTEST! Thank you and FABULOUS FAB 4 REFERENCE!

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