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The Big Whybowski


When I rejoined Weight Watchers in July, 2011, I really didn’t have any doubts that I would get to my goal weight and become a Lifetime Member. NOT getting there wasn’t an option.

It didn’t matter to me how long the process took to reach the right number on the scale, I was going to keep going until that number (or something close to it) appeared.  Consistently. As in, every day.

Recently, as I went through a fairly rough patch, I had to revisit those feelings and thoughts that brought me to Weight Watchers last year. As Bobbi, our brilliant Weight Watchers leader said, remembering why we want to lose the weight is the most important motivation of all.

Too Much to Do, Too Little Time

Like everyone, I have a lot of dreams and goals. There are things I want to accomplish in my life, places I want to see, things I want to do.

At some point last year, it dawned on me that if I didn’t do something about my weight, I wouldn’t have the energy to do all those things. And of course, a phone call from my Dad made very real the possibility that I wouldn’t have the time to achieve my dreams because obesity, and the correlated diseases like diabetes, could kill me.

Losing weight became the “necessary evil” to making my dreams come true.

The Big Whybowski

I want to take a Grand Tour of Europe. I think I might like to write a book. I’d love to become a certified sommelier, just for the experience. I’d like to de-clutter my house, finish the basement, landscape the back yard, organize my linen closet, remodel my kitchen into an actual kitchen.

Those were some of the goals I started with. Now, none of those are cheap —they all cost time or money or both. I figure I’m going to have to be active, healthy and sharp at least to the age of 120 in order to finish everything I want to do.

Shoot, the kitchen alone is a five year task if we start right now.

Then there are the goals that have gotten added to the list through this journey. Like my goal to run the Boston Marathon.

Wow. Even thinking about that makes me a little emotional. A year ago, I wouldn’t have even considered that a remote possibility for me. Now, I know I can do the work necessary to get there.

Losing Weight Makes Dreams Come True

There have certainly been times in my life when I thought losing weight would change my life. I believed if I reached a specific number on the scale, then *POOF*, my life would be magically different.

Losing weight doesmake our dreams come true, but it doesn’t work quite in the *POOF*-the-magic-wand sort of way.

I’m finding that eating healthy, regular activity and, consequently, losing weight, gives me the essential tools I need to make my dreams come true:

A strong body, resistant to injury and illness, making it possible to focus time on my goals

Stamina and energy to pursue my goals

Sharpness of mind to be efficient and clear on my path

The ability to do as we’ve all been advised: go confidently in the direction of our dreams


So that’s my Big Whybowski. I want to reach and maintain a healthy weight so that I can make all my dreams come true. Because you know what?


Wishing you and awesomeliciously fabulous day, and may all your dreams come true!


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