Not Done Yet

football field

Touchdown Bound


“First down, first down, on our way to a touchdown!”

Yes, the season has arrived. NFL teams are trotting on to the field for their pre-season games. The first hint of fall is starting to tint the days. With all of this, it’s more than time to make a football analogy about successful weight my weight loss.

As I rapidly approach the first anniversary of my year of journey to health, many people have started to ask me how I have been able to be consistently successful with my weight loss. The simple answer is that I approach this journey one pound at a time.

Fair warning. The football analogy starts here in earnest.

One Yard at a Time

When coming into a game, the Pittsburgh Steelers (the greatest football team ever) have the ultimate goal of moving the ball 100 yards down the field to score touchdowns and win the game. They do this by moving the ball 1 yard at a time toward the goal line. It’s not always easy, and sometimes in the process they actually lose a yard or two. Then again, sometimes a play earns them 5, 10, 15 or more yards toward the ultimate goal of putting 6 points up on the board, then kicking the extra point.

This, friend, is exactly how I focus my energies on my lifetime journey to better health. I work on losing the next pound. Then the next and the next. Eventually, I was down 10 pounds, then 15,20,25 and so on. As in the great gridiron game, I have fumbled the ball on occasion, or gotten knocked down for a loss of my progress toward losing 100 pounds.

Drawing Up the Playbook

A good football team puts in hours planning exactly how they will score a touchdown, then many more hours practicing the plays they’ve drawn up. Successful weight loss, for me, requires the exact same type of planning and practicing. As they say, “failing to plan is planning to fail.”

Nothing could be truer for me over the past year. Each and every time I have stepped on the scale and was told that I was up, I could normally pinpoint exactly where I had “fumbled the ball.” The important thing was even when I was throwing the ball up in a “hail Mary” pass, and hoping for a Weight Watchers miracle, I still showed up and claimed it for what it was. It was an opportunity to embrace a new strategy and keeping moving down field toward my ultimate goal.

Coaches and Cheerleaders Matter

Like a successful football team, I have had many supporters, cheerleaders and some amazing coaching. I may be the quarterback and responsible for making the right choices to keep the ball moving forward, but my friends and coworkers have been amazingly supportive. Plus, every Tuesday night at my Weight Watchers meeting, Bobbi, my coach, has shared tips, recipes, and her own amazing story with a room full of mutual cheerleading members. Many of these amazing members have lost 100 pounds or more on their continuing journey.

Two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate!

Hut One! Hut Two!

So there you have it. Each and every day, I aim my focus on the next step, the next pound — or even percentage of a pound — because one thing is for certain. No football game was ever won without taking the next step. Each day, I simply take another step or two on my own journey to being healthier .

Now go deep and run toward the next goal, be it 1 pound or 100 pounds. It’s a long march down the field, but I’m prepared for it. And as always, I am Not Done Yet!



  1. Steelers? I had NO idea!!! How bout college football….surely you are a Hokie fan! Missed you last night. A pound at a time….running plays, passing plays…I see a meeting topic in my future….bobbi

    • Oddly enough I don’t follow college football. I do however follow my Carolina Tarheels basketball team with a passion. Kinda like how I run my miles :)

      See you tomorrow Bobbi.

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