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Duran Duran, This Last 10 Is For You

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I had one of the best evenings ever recently. For my birthday, my Dear Husband took me to see Duran Duran. I love the band and remember seeing them in concert the first time around back when I was in high school with my best friend. It was fantastic to dance to the songs of my youth and feel the buzz of the crowd.

I’ve no idea where my 80’s Duran Duran concert t-shirt ended up, but I made darn certain to get a new t-shirt at this most recent show. See, I was at least 50 pounds heavier in high school than I am now, so it was so fun to walk up to the product booth and ask for a Ladies’ Medium.

She handed me a Ladies’ Large.


Yup, a Ladies’ Large fit, and I was more than a wee bit annoyed. Although, in full disclosure, they only had Medium and Large in the women’s cut. While logic tells me that’s because the Medium is actually Small and the Large is actually Medium, it feels more like United-States-Medium = European Large.

Well, okay. They probably have a point. My rebuttal:

Dear Duran Duran,

While I love my new t-shirt from the concert (and by the way, the show was faaaaaaaaaaaabulous), I have now made it my mission in life to become a European Medium/ US Small. These next ten pounds that will take me to my Weight Watchers Lifetime Goal Weight will also bring me into the next size range, I believe, for a Ladies’ Medium concert t-shirt.

I look forward to buying my new Medium t-shirt during your next tour. In the meantime, thanks for the inspiration.

Fan-tastically Yours,


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