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IN, ON and COMMITTED: Getting to Goal in Eight Weeks – Week 1


As you can see by the lovely bars on our homepage, Dexter and I are both flinging ourselves toward the proverbial goal line: reaching that magic number that will usher us into the coveted Weight Watchers Lifetime Member club.

We’re flinging particularly hard over the next eight weeks. We invite you to fling with us.

See, Weight Watchers has issued an eight week challenge: give your weight loss efforts all you’ve got over the next 8 weeks and slide into Thanksgiving with a big win (and less you) under your belt.

This challenge coincides nicely with our 8k training.

Maybe eight really is great, eh, Henry?

Follow the Bouncing Ball

For me, the summer was less successful than I had hoped. I’ve been literally bouncing around the same number for the last several weeks. It’s a number at the top of my BMI weight range, which means I could declare goal…

…but I don’t wanna.

I want to lose those last 10 pounds. I want that dang t-shirt!

The 8 Week Plan: Get There or Declare

So here’s the plan: for these 8 weeks, I give it all I’ve got. I’ll work the plan 110%, full commitment, no excuses. If I’m not at or near my “magic number” by the end of 8 weeks, I’m going to declare goal and move on to maintenance.

Here’s what 110% effort looks like for me:

1. Get a Short Timer Mind Set – This has been a long, long road getting to goal weight. I think of these next 8 weeks as Sprinter’s Alley. I’ve got my blinders on and the only thing I’m focused on is reaching the goal line. I promise I’ll return all calls the day after Thanksgiving.

2. Buddy Up – Text Dexter in the AM to confirm that I am IN, ON and COMMITTED to the challenge. Text in the evening to say that I have stuck to the plan all day (or not).

3. Water, Water, Everywhere – I’ve not been great about hydrating. This is an opportunity for me to level up on liquids.

4. Plan It, Track It, Eat It – in that order. I do best when I already “know” what I’m having for meals and snacks. If it’s already written in my tracker, it’s easier for me to just have the planned meal/ snack rather than having to bother to update my tracker with something different. I think of it as making my lazy bone work for me rather than against me.

5. Resist – not the urge but rather the weight. I’ve added BodyPump to my regular workout rotation to ensure that I’m getting excellent weight resistance training to add more fat-burning muscle.

6. Safe House – my home is an absolutely safety zone. No trigger foods are in the cupboards, and most of the foods must be cooked before consumption to avoid too-easy-snacking.

7. Stick to the Schedule – which includes our 8K training schedule, getting up for those 5 minutes of motion every hour, and Sunday morning prep of packable breakfast and lunches for the week. This is critical to staying on track – it’s too easy to go out for lunch if I have to make my lunch when I’m already late getting out the door on a weekday.

Week 1 Results: Big Thumbs Up!

I’ve just completed week one including weigh in. Results were quite encouraging – I lost 2.2 pounds this past week! That said, I’ve had 6 consecutive weeks of up one week, down the next. The goal now is to have two “down” weeks in a row.

Care to join the challenge? C’mon in! Let’s make it happen, because we are definitely Not Done Yet!

Wishing You an Awesomelicious Day!


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