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8K Training Team: Kimi and Dexter’s Newest Adventure


A while back, I mentioned in this blog that I had a wild hair about running the Boston Marathon someday.

Dexter wisely suggested that we start with something a little less ambitious.

So, Friends, we welcome you to our 8K training experience led by the incomparable Richmond SportsBackers and made fantastically inspiring by the entire 8K training team.

Germination of Race Anticipation

As a little background, the HCA Virginia 8K happens on the same day as the Richmond Marathon. I’ve had the incredible honor of watching many of the marathon runners over the years because the route of the Marathon runs very near my house.

The participants are flat out amazing.

I’ve seen people who are in their 80’s or older running the marathon. Cancer survivors claiming victory in the loudest possible way. Friends and family running together to support a loved one’s fight against illness. Individuals becoming a team to raise the profile of nonprofits who make our world better.

People who run for all reasons in all seasons and remind us of who we can be when we decide to do so.

So, yeah. Marathon day is pretty remarkable.

That said, neither Dexter or I were prepared to focus on TWO big goals at the same time – getting to our goal weights AND trying to train for a full or half-marathon. That said, we wanted to be part of the day.

So we chose to sign up for the 8k. The easy race of the day.

Except unlike our 10K wogs, we want to run this entire race.

Did I say easy? Apparently I tripped and bumped my head.

One of the Lifetime members at our Weight Watchers meeting suggested getting involved with the training team as a way to get started. We figured having coaches, a set training schedule, a weekly route (you know… a plan…) might be a good thing for our first time out as runners.

I can happily report that it’s turning out to be an excellent decision.

In the weeks ahead, Dexter and I will recount our experiences with the training team and share more shots from the route. All of this is leading up to Richmond Marathon Day, and you may rest assured that I will have camera in hand to capture great moments.

Or pictures of the inside of my pocket. Wherever the snap happens.

Wishing you an awesomelicious day!


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