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Permissive Behavior: Getting to Goal in 8 Weeks – Week 2


So, this was the plan as of Week 1, and that all worked out well.

I suspect it might have worked out well in the second week if I’d followed the plan again. As it happens, I followed the plan through Saturday afternoon then promptly lost the thread.

What Happened to My Magic Formula?

What an excellent question. Let’s travel the yellow brick road and see if we can figure out when we turned into the forest with the surly, apple-flinging talking trees.

All was well through Saturday afternoon. I had tracked beautifully, eaten as planned, went joyfully to all of my gym classes and 8K training. As a well deserved bonus, I went to the housewarming of a beautiful friend and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with excellent company.

Then my plan started to unravel. Saturday night, Sunday and Monday were a blur of untracked and uncharted food frenzy.

Let’s look at the original plan compared with this week’s results, shall we?

1. Get a Short Timer Mind Set – Well, I was short-sighted in that I waaaaaay over-did it as the weekend played out. “Sprinter’s alley” laser focus on getting to goal? Not so much.

2. Text Dexter in the AM to confirm that I am IN, ON and COMMITTED to the challenge. There were no texts, positive or confessional. I skulked away from my phone. I may have turned off the ringer a couple of times.

3. Water, Water, Everywhere – Actually, I didn’t do too badly with the hydration. This was a bright spot.

4. Plan It, Track It, Eat It – Excellent pointer. Would have been even more excellent if I had actually done it.

5. Weight Resistance Training – I stuck with my gym schedule, although I missed my Sunday Body Pump class. That was a big mistake. Going to class is a great way for me to break up a dysfunctional eating pattern spiral.

6. Safe House – Huge issue here. People are bringing cereal into the house, including that scrumptious Krave stuff that’s basically little chocolate-filled chocolate cookies in a great big box. Definitely NOT safe snacking!

7. Stick to the Schedule – Up and down on this. For the most part, I stuck with my fitness schedule, including Dexter and I doing our training run on Monday in the cold misty rain. Points for dedication, please!

Time to Pay the Piper

Weigh in day arrived all too soon, and I was greeted with the evidence of my permissive behavior.

Up 3.2 pounds. Not good.

But not all bad.

I had some time to reflect on what had happened during the week, and came to understand a few things.

First of all, I do best when I have a plan and stick to it. For me, “playing it by ear” means “eat everything in the house.”

Second, there is math and timing involved here. Even though I overate, I know for absolute certain that I did not consume 10,000+ calories over the long weekend. If I had, there better have been doughnuts involved. A portion of those 3.2 pounds was water, timing and just plain old normal body fluctuations.

Thus, one should not freak out at the number. Take it and move on.

What’s Next

I went into Week 3 of the challenge with new determination and intent on finding the reset button. Stay tuned for more on that.

In the meantime, I’d say that the most important lesson I got from Week 2 was a reminder that we all fall down from time to time. What matters is how quickly we get back up.

I’m up, y’all. ‘Cause I’m Not Done Yet.

Wishing you an Awesomelicious day!


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