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Hitting the Reset Button: Getting to Goal in 8 Weeks – Week 3


You know you’re IN, ON and COMMITTED when…

It’s oh-dark-hundred in the morning, and you’re driving to the gym for Body Pump/ Combat Combo class.

That girl waving at you from behind the steering wheel at 5:30AM? Yup. That’s me.


Kicking Butt, Taking Names, Back on Track

Last week was such an ugly shock on the scale, I knew I had to get back on plan in a hurry. The fastest reset button for me is getting to my Tuesday morning Pump/ Combat combo class, taught by the Amazing Nicole. I always leave that class feeling like I kicked butt and took names.

‘Cause I did.

All of this reminded me of a question that Bobbi, our Super Star Amazingly Fabulous Weight Watchers Leader had asked in a meeting once. She asked whether anyone had a “reset button” or a “restart plan” or a “go to meal” that would signal the brain and body to get back on track.

What Color Is Your Reset Button?

The debacle of Week 2 really had me searching for my reset button, and I was kind of annoyed that I hadn’t identified one already.

A reset button, I’m learning, is a really good habit to create. Used enough times, it can become the switch in the brain that brings a person back to the straight and narrow. I definitely need that because I find the wander-around-aimlessly path far too often.

What seems to be working best for me as a reset button are activities that cannot possibly involve eating at the same time as doing these things. Here’s my list at the moment:

(1) Go to the Gym – the car is a non-food area for me, and of course, it’s virtually impossible to inhale French fries at the gym while simultaneously punching air or lifting weights.

(2) Go to the Gym EARLY – I feel like a superhero when I get out of bed before dawn and accomplish a rockin’ work out. Walking out of the gym as the sun is rising, full of myself because I’ve just kicked some major butt – there’s no feeling quite like it. Yup, look out people. I’m Wonder Woman!

(3) Clean the Kitchen – The act of cleaning up the kitchen is similar for me to how I hear others say they feel after brushing their teeth. It’s a signal that we’re done eating for the night. Kitchen closed. Lucky for me, I’ve got a whole yuck thing going on with dirty plates and utensils, so I’m not really tempted by the food on the counter.

(4) Journal – Pen to paper, no typing on the computer. I can’t write and eat at the same time. I try to go upstairs to a non-food room for the journaling, just to put a little more distance between me and the Skinny Cows moo-ing in the freezer.

(5) Take the Dog for a Walk – Well, yes, she’s surprised when I say let’s go for a walk, but she’s always so happy about it that I know we have to actually go once I’ve said the magic “W” word. She’s a good walker, but she’s definitely a dog that requires two hands on the leash. There’s no noshing-while-strolling going on.

(6) Turn on the Tunes – The theory goes that music bypasses the logic center and aims straight for the subconscious or the pleasure center of the brain. So, in the same way that food can produce feel good brain sensations, music can have the same effect without the calories. Turning up a little B-52’s Love Shack is seems to get my mind off cupcakes, so I’m game for giving it a try. Dancing while listening turns it into a non-eating-calorie-burning-reset-button.

The Negotiation

Hitting the reset button involves some internal negotiation for me. I have to convince myself that it’s worth stepping away from the food frenzy.

I have to convince myself that I want to step away from the food frenzy. That’s not always as easy as it may sound.

One of the self-negotiation tactics that I’ve adopted (learned from a fellow WW member) is to tell myself the following:

I can always come back and have [desired food/ treat] if I still want it. I’m just going to go do this [reset activity] first.

There’s something about the act of giving myself permission to indulge that takes away some of the urgency. It feels less frenetic, less intense, less….

Less out of control.

Maybe that’s really what the reset button is all about. Regaining control.

And the Results Are In!

While I wasn’t totally perfect in Week 3, I was definitely IN, ON and COMMITTED. The scale reflected my efforts with a loss of nearly a pound. Not too shabby! Any week that’s a pound loss is a good week.

For those who are counting, Week 3 results puts me at about even for the Challenge. That gave me some additional things to think about… and we’ll talk about those next week.

In the meantime, you can be very assured that no matter what, I am Not Done Yet!

Wishing you an Awesomelicious Day!


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