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I Declare: Getting to Goal in 8 Weeks – Week 4


If you’ve been along for the 8 Week Challenge ride (and hopefully IN, ON and COMMITTED with us), you might have noticed the following line in last week’s blog:

For those who are counting, Week 3 results put me at about even for the Challenge. That gave me some additional things to think about… and we’ll talk about those next week.

It’s next week. So let’s talk. Here’s the Big Announcement:

I have officially declared my Goal Weight.

And the cool part is that, since I’ve actually been maintaining that weight for more than six weeks,

I am now also an official Lifetime Weight Watchers Member.

How awesome is that?

The Wedding Dress vs. The Strawberry Hill Races

For the last several weeks, I’ve been battling the “Final 10.” I reached “wedding dress weight” on August 8th and have been trying to get to “Strawberry Hill Races weight” – the weight I was when I met my husband eighteen years ago at a Strawberry Hill Races tailgate party.

I really wanted to get there.

After getting back on the horse in Week 3, I had a heart to heart with several of the Lifetime Members at my At Work WW meeting. What they said made a lot of sense.

Bobbi and I talked, and I declared.

Life Begins at the End of Our Comfort Zone

When I saw that quote, I thought, yes. That makes all the sense in the world.

This is what my comfort zone used to look like. Not only was I unhealthy, I really wasn’t happy. I found myself frustrated by barriers that turned out to be of my own making. I believed dumb stories I told myself about what I could and couldn’t do, what I was and wasn’t willing to do.

Turns out, I’m able to do a whole lot more than I thought I could once I was willing to try.

What Has Changed

It’s not just that I’m sixty pounds lighter, and that feels really good. It’s a lot of things.

Small things like the airplane seats in coach feeling roomier now, or the ability to walk into a thrift store and replenish my wardrobe in gorgeous new outfits that I love. And I buy them because I love them, not because “that’s what fits.”

It’s big things, too, like how my health has improved, how my numbers have gotten so much better, how much more clarity and personal self-confidence I feel.

The biggest change, and the one I love the most, though, is this:

Now, I dare.

I am a daring person. I dare to say, “I can become a runner,” and I do it. I dare to say, I can lift more weight, and I do it. I dare to say, I can reach for my dreams, and I reaching I am.

Great accomplishments are worthwhile for the very reason that they prove to us what we CAN do when we’re willing to go beyond our comfort zones.

Big Ideas and What’s Next

What’s next for me is a lot of what’s come before – I’m still tracking my food, I’m still active every day, I still go to Weight Watchers meetings every week. Two of them, in fact! Those things are not only part of what helped me reach this summit, they’re also the activities that will help me manage my weight and maintain my vitality throughout my lifetime.

In addition to the holy trinity of tracking, meetings and regular weigh-ins as keys to success, there are a couple other things that have been really important to my process. I share them here in case they might be useful to you.

1. Love Your Food – I don’t choose meals solely on points value. I choose meals that I love that also fit within my points requirement. It’s crucial to me that I look forward to and enjoy the food I eat. I know that if I don’t, the dreaded deprivation demons will carry me away to the nearest doughnut shop.

2. Find Your Game – I loved that Callaway commercial with the beautiful Scottish announcer encouraging us to “find our game.” Finding my game – an activity that I love – has been crucial to my success. I tell everyone that Zumba is my sport, and no joke, I go to Zumba class just for pure fun. The bonus is that it’s an awesome calorie burner.

3. Five a Day, Every Day – My breakfast always includes a fruit, my lunch always includes a fruit and a vegetable, my dinner always includes two vegetables. I build the rest of the meal around these important elements. This way, I get full (fiber), I get awesome amounts of nutrients and I get loads of flavor for very little calorie cost.

4. Overpack Your Daily Bag – I pack my breakfast and lunch every day for work, and I make sure I overpack a little. I put in some extra fruit, a bag of carrots, a cheese stick, a container of chocolate cottage cheese (recipe forthcoming). In other words, I make for darn sure that if the munchies hit, I’ve got a healthy go to rather than convincing myself that I need to walk down to the snack machine. Having that little extra is like a nutritional safety net.

5. Having a Bad Day is an Opportunity for a Fresh Start – Every time I fall down – and that happens at least once a week, it feels like, I try to remember that’s just an opportunity to start fresh and get reinvigorated. All routines run the risk of becoming a rut – even a routine of success. It’s boring. A slip every once in a while keeps things interesting, and it sure as heck reminds me that I’m Not Done Yet.

Wishing you an Awesomelicious Day!


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