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I Got Them Low-Down, Can’t-Wear-Blue-Jean Blues: Getting To Goal in 8 Weeks – Week 5


There is a saying in Weight Watchers that goes, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

Now, personally, I would probably say, “Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels.” But that is another blog all together, I suppose. 

What I can tell you is this:

Nothing tastes as good as being able to buy your first pair of jeans in a gazillion years makes you feel.

Some weeks, the greatest victories are the ones that happen off the scale. And getting to those victories has everything to do with what we tell ourselves.


Casual Casualties

I work for a large corporation that allows associates to wear jeans on Fridays. The Bonus Round is when teams are awarded an extra “Jeans Day” for a job well done.

My employer and I have been together for almost 12 years. Sadly, for the last 11 years, 11 months and 364 days, the joy and excitement of “Jeans Day” was lost on me. Up until a week ago, I did not own jeans. I did not buy jeans, and I most certainly did not wear jeans.

After all, according to the voice in my head, jeans were a sartorial pleasure reserved for skinny people.

Self-talk can convince you of anything and everything, including a lot of stuff that’s just flat out untrue.


Fashion Faux Pas Flashback

I was a fat child. I was a fat teenager. Believe me when I tell you that nothing provoked more fear and self-loathing than the annual trip to buy new school clothes.

As much as I loved going to school and learning, I hated that shopping trip with a passion usually reserved for things like eating liver and onions or getting my chubby cheeks pinched by my numerous aunts. You see, that trip always, and I do mean always, ended up at the local Sears store in the dreaded Husky section.

To her credit, my loving mother always started out looking in other areas of the store, but we both knew where it would end. Another year of adolescent hell walking the halls of school with the word HUSKY branded on my backside for all to see.

Thanks to these joyful experiences, at age 18 I banned denim from my wardrobe. A pair or two of jeans may have skulked in the far back corner of the closet, but they were there in secret and in fear of being discovered at any moment.

This is not to say that I didn’t want to wear blue jeans. They were supposed to be very comfortable and really good in the winter months. But that negative self-talk rattled around in my brain, blinking the word husky like a neon sign.


Fast Forward and Feeling Fabulous

Part of the joy of actually taking control of my weight and steering my journey to better health is definitely changing the way I perceive myself. Over the past few years, and with great vigor and focus in the most recent year, I have begun to replace negative self-talk and unhelpful assumptions as often as I can.

This week in the Weight Watchers Challenge, doing a self-talk makeover seemed to be my personal topic. While hitting some of the local thrift stores, I found myself lingering longer around the blue jeans racks.

The voice in my head began musing that maybe, just maybe, the time had come.

Unfortunately, I discovered blue jeans at thrift stores seem to fall into key categories:

A) The huge baggie style of jeans favored by today’s youth (or young at heart)

B) The dreaded acid wash… Yes, the 80’s may be back, but tacky is still tacky

C) Holier than a church full of televangelists

My thrift store flirt with blue jeans was done for the moment, but I didn’t give up on the possibility of striking up a relationship. I found myself in a local department store with several pairs of blue jeans in hand and headed for a dressing room.

I have to admit I did actually look around for the husky section. Thankfully, I didn’t find one.

I did, however, walk out of that store with two new pair of blue jeans and a smile from ear to ear.

Look out world, its’ Dexter’s turn to shine. Wearing blue jeans, baby!


Walking the Runway at Work

As luck would have it, the very next day was “Jeans Day” at work, and I started getting comments and compliments as I came across the parking lot.

Oh, what a beautiful feeling, oh, what a beautiful day…

I’ve always been told that it was the small things in life that mattered, and well, when it comes to weight or waist size, I can assure you that the smaller the number, the better I feel.

The compliments don’t hurt either. It’s a thrill when others recognize your hard work.

Knowing that I am doing the work to achieve these successes is priceless. I’ve taken control of my life, my health, my weight, and perhaps most importantly, my self-talk.

That said, my journey is, as always, NOT DONE YET. I’ve still got plenty of not-so-true-“true-isms” floating around in my head. Eventually, though, I’ll pop those soap bubbles as I continue to claim each victory, on and off the scale.

I might even go buy another pair of blue jeans.




  1. Congrats, Dex! I love these NSVs!

  2. Congrats, Dexter. NSVs are AWESOME!

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