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Finding a New Focus: Getting To Goal in 8 Weeks – Week 8


It’s hard to believe that eight short weeks ago, our clever Weight Watchers Leader tossed the gauntlet to the ground with this question:

How much weight do you want to lose in the next 8 weeks?

A chorus of 8, 10, 12 or more quickly rose from the group. Knowing she had us, she simply smiled and said, “So how do you plan to make it happen?”

The challenge was ON!

What’s the plan again?

It took me about a week and a half before I realized exactly how off-plan I had really gotten. I did continue to lose weight but in very small amounts. Anyone who knows me will tell you that anything less than a pound a week makes me crazy. Yes, I know. A loss is a loss and any loss is better than a gain.

You hear that big sigh in my voice?  Yeah, me, too.

Anywhoo… Once the challenge was out there, I was bold and confident.  I declared I could lose eight pounds in the next eight weeks. You can imagine my shock and surprise – yes, I was stunned — to find that I actually gained a little the first week.

Something had to change.

Making a new plan

Now, as it happens, Kimi and I were in the process of training to run our first 8K race ever at the same time we were working this Weight Watchers 8 Week Challenge. During one of those training runs, we discussed and fussed until I had a new plan.

Keep in mind that Kimi at this time has reached her goal weight. So she knows a thing or two for sure.

Step one was relatively easy. I needed to increase my activity level and the 8K training program had me running (or doing something) about six days a week, on average.

Step two was improving tracking my food intake. I simply had to remember to, “write it before I bite it.” Trust me, your food portion is always smaller in hindsight. Seriously, just trust me on this one.

Step three: Get my head back in the game. I pride myself on how I can focus on a plan and run with it. However, I can also become distracted when my life gets crazy busy. Again, working with the 8K training team helped me to return to a clearer focus.

Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

As I mentioned in a previous blog, weekend tracking had become the bane of my existence. I just didn’t want to be bother with tracking and planning. So again, the amazing Bobbi came to the rescue with the suggestion of tracking my weekend on Friday nights.

At first it felt kind of silly to spend time on Friday night filling out my tracker for Saturday and Sunday, but I did it, and the payoff was so worth the effort.

This is definitely a tool I will continue to use and not just for weekends, but also for things like planning a whole week of vacation food. Going in with a plan will always prevent poor performance.

Drumroll Please

As of last week, my local Team Weight Watchers completed the challenge. Did I survive the onslaught of the annual feeding frenzy we call Thanksgiving? Or did I fall victim to the extra helping of pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes or mac-and-cheese?

By the way, did I happen to mention I was also on vacation at the beach during the final week as well? I do so love a challenge.

Tell the truth: you’re dying to know how I did with the overall challenge, aren’t you?

Well, I have to admit I did not lose the 8 pounds I had chosen as my challenge goal. I missed it by 4 pounds.

Oh, don’t feel too badly for me. I did manage to lose a total of 12 pounds. Take that 8 Week Challenge!!



Finding a New Focus        

The good news is that Thanksgiving, with all its trials and tribulations, is over. Of course, Thanksgiving is only the beginning of the holiday season of parties and celebration.

I began thinking that maybe it’s a perfect time to rediscover my focus and choose a new challenge. After all what is life without a good challenge to make it interesting? The horizon is always rising to greet us, but it also continues to beckon us forward.

As always, I find that I am most definitely not done yet!

Best wishes to us all for a holiday season full of cheerful and thoughtful choices!


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