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Holiday Survival Guide: Quick Fixes for Crazy Days


If I’m not careful, one of the things that can suffer during the holiday time crunch is my meal schedule. Short on time can mean eating later — and often in restaurants, food courts or picking at party buffets — because that seems to be “what works.”

BUT, I have fashioned a couple tricks to get in a good, points-friendly meal in a hurry.


My goal with breakfast is always to get in a good dose of protein plus some filling fiber, usually via fruit. My hurry up breakfast is creating a coffee shake, ready for travel in a cup-holder friendly thermos, plus a banana. Grapes or sliced, pre-washed apples also travel nicely and are car-eating-friendly.

I really like Wonderslim hot chocolate since it’s very easily mixable (unlike a lot of protein powders), and it packs 12 grams of protein. I’ll generally blend it a bit in the Magic bullet with some warm water then add it to my coffee for a great mocha flavor. Bring along a banana, and I’m out the door to hit the holiday madness.

Total prep time is less than 5 minutes.

By the way, I am a total fan of the Contigo travel mugs. I got two of these at Costco for $19.99. They were so awesome, I went back for two more. They are leak proof, and get this: I make sure the coffee is super hot when I put it in the travel mug (heat in the microwave for about 3o-45 extra seconds). I’ve left the mug in my car for an hour, in the cold, when I went to a class at the gym, and the coffee was still hot when I came back out to get in the car. So now, I travel with two of these. One to drink on the way to my destination, and one to have as a heading back home from my destination. No extra stops at Starbucks!

Lunch or Dinner

This idea was inspired by Hungry Girl’s crock-pot-mac-and-cheese. She uses Green Giant steamers cauliflower in cheese sauce as the “base” for her cheesy concoction. And I thought, hey, wait. I can do that with low-cal frozen meals.

So, here’s what I do:

I start with a mixable meal, like a fettucine alfredo, cheesy broccoli and potatoes or pasta with ricotta. Healthy Choice, Lean Cuisine and Weight Watchers Smart Ones all have good choices as a base. Points range: 5 to 8 PP for the meal.

I cook that per the directions.  Then separately, I microwave 1 cup of Normandy Blend Vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower and carrots, available in the frozen section at Costco) plus 1/2 cup of Boca crumbles. Points for the add: 0PP for the vegetables, 2 PP for the Boca crumbles

Mix the two together. The Boca crumbles add 13g of protein, you’ve just gotten in an awesome cup of cruciferous vegetables and the whole dish is incredibly yummy with the amped up cheesiness from your Lean Cuisine/ Healthy Choice/ Smart Ones meal.

Total PP: 7 to 10PP, depending on the points of your frozen meal starter.

Total prep time is less than 5 minutes.




There should ALWAYS be time for dessert! This one is my complete favorite at the moment. It’s big, nutritious and filling, full of antioxidants.

As a side benefit, it’s also insanely delicious and crazy easy.

I start with a frozen three berry mix (raspberry, blackberry and blueberry). I like the one from Cosco, but you can also get a similar mix at Kroger and other stores.

Take 1 cup of the berry mixture and microwave until hot and bubby, approximately 2 to 3 minutes.

To that, I add a veggie muffin. These I have only found at Costco, although you may be able to locate them elsewhere. I heat up one veggie muffin for approximately 30 seconds, then add the muffin to the hot berry mixture. Break up the muffin in the berry mixture until you achieve a sort of hot trifle consistency.

Enjoy. I always do!

Total prep time is less than 4 minutes. Veggie muffin is 3PP, 0 PP for the berries.



Don’t Give In to the Hectic Holiday!

We all deserve nutritious meals, and frankly, it’s only by eating right and getting enough sleep that we’ll ever be able to pull off the daily miracles of achievement that we do. Plus, the holiday season is so jam-packed with indulgences and treats, it seems a shame to waste extra calories on food court offerings and drive-through eats that are nutritionally void.

Eat well and wisely, and you’ll be able to give Santa a run for his money on Christmas Eve.

Wishing you all a most awesomelicious holiday, and reminding you that your greatest gift to this world is YOURSELF! Your family, friends and community don’t happen without you.

So you must take care of you. You are Not Done Yet!!




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