Not Done Yet

Had a Bad Day

Poo, Pants and Perseverance


I really don’t think Momma ever told me there’d be days like this.

The Scenario: Husband traveling for work, and I’m in charge of the homefront, the school front and the work front while attempting to maintain a gym schedule and healthy eating regimen.

No problem.

Yeah, right.

Dawn Breaks on the Day

Actually, it was still dark when I got up. It was Tuesday, normally my “reset button” class with Nicole. But, since husband was traveling and I was on drop-off duty, I was going to have to make do at home.

So I came up with this brilliant plan. I would do my own “homestyle” Body Pump in the living room using our PowerBlocks. Husband sprang for these, but I figured someone should <ahem> use them. I had my play list all set up in my iPod. At five AM I was out of bed, putting on workout clothes and heading downstairs to get my workout in.

That’s when I smelled it.

Lucy, our wonderful rescue dogger, came with a loving disposition and separation anxiety issues. Apparently she was anxious that Dad was out of the house for two days straight. She deposited the evidence of her anxiousness in the living room.

Thankfully, it was on the hardwood floor and not the carpet.

I Am Perturbed, but Undeterred

This is not the first time in my life I have cleaned up dog poo. After all, we do take Lucy for walks, and we are responsible dog owners who seek to “leave no trace.”

So, after fifteen minutes of unplanned refuse removal, I took a not-too-deep-breath, plugged in my iPod, pulled out the Power Blocks and started my homestyle Body Pump.

If you’ve taken Body Pump for a while, then you’re familiar with the varying counts of the choreography. While my songs and sets were definitely not reflecting the Les Mills polish nor the Nicole flair (and she does have flair, at 6AM no less), I was able to get in a workout where I lifted weights, increased my heart rate and did more something than nothing.

Yay Me!

By the way, I just found out about this option for Body Pump at home. Might have to put this in the birthday gift recommended list!


Bins, Wraps and Swaps

Now, I was very happy that I had gotten in my resistance training. But I lost time in the unplanned housecleaning. I will admit that it’s a little disheartening to realize that it’s 6:20AM, and I’m already 20 minutes behind schedule.

Hey, I needed coffee at some point. Factor in an extra five for caffeination.

Time to delegate and make up some ground. My son was charged with three tasks while I headed for the shower:

(1) Get the recycling bins to the street (because of course it’s recycle day)

(2) Wrap my gift for the office holiday party Yankee Swap

(3) Eat, dress and be ready to leave on time.

That all got done, but we still had lunches to pack.

Now 30 minutes behind schedule. Get in the car and race to school.

And on the way, do please remember that it’s trash day in addition to recycling day. It’s important to know that you’re too late to get the trash can into the alley.


Leaving Home, Take Two

After dropping my son off at school (before the bell rang, yay us!), I decided to go back home and get the trash can moved up to the alley. I knew it was full and the holiday week was coming. We needed that super-can to be serviceable.

As I pulled into my parking spot at home, I couldn’t recall whether or not I had turned off the curling iron. With a sigh, I figured since I was already there, I’d check just to be sure. Trudging into the house and giving the dog a dirty look (just in case), I turned off the security system and clomped up the stairs.

Update: 45 minutes behind schedule, but the house was saved. Curling iron had NOT been turned off. Completely worth the extra time to correct that little error…

Feeling satisfied that I had saved the family homestead from firey obliteration, I relocked, reset and took the trash to the alley.

Driving around to the front of the house to check the mail, I realized that sometimes we must be satisfied with good enough.

Only one of the two recycle bins had made it to the street.

Yet the world did not end.

For Me? No, Really. For Me?

My day started with poo, but it ended pretty amazingly.

First, I scored big-time at the Yankee Swap. In exchange for my gift closet contribution, I received a Starbucks gift card and a Kit Kat bar. Kit Kats are my son’s favorite, and now I’ve got bucks for the Starbucks. Woohoo!

Later that evening, I went to the Amazing Marcela’s Zumba class as the gorgeous new ACAC Short Pump location. I got there early as I wasn’t sure where to park, and happily saw a lot of familiar faces as many of my Midlothian ACAC Zumba friends arrived for class.

Then these two lovely, lithe women showed up, and I figured they must be new Short Pump members. I was wrong. They were from a most wonderful area retailer that supplies very yummy women’s fitness wear. They gifted each of us who were there a brand new pair of pants, welcoming us to the area.

Wait, my story gets better.

One of these sylph-like creatures checked something in one of the festive bags then handed the gift to me with a sparkle in her eye. “These,” she said knowingly, “are for you.”

I checked the tag later. Size 6 petite.

I didn’t care if they actually fit or not. The idea that she thought I could wear a size 6 petite was gift enough for me. I don’t have to wear them. I might just frame them!!

Perseverance Pays Off

It was literally a crappy day. Then it got better.

There are days when my biggest accomplishment is that I got to the gym, and I ate the lunch that I packed. And I’m always really glad that I did.

Every trip to the gym might not be paid with free workout gear, but every good choice definitely has definitely paid me back over and over again in compliments, self-confidence and a happier life.

As they say in the L’oreal commercial, I’m worth it. And so are you.

Wishing You an Awesomelicious Day!


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