Not Done Yet


Resolution Rush Hour


The ball dropped, the noisy makers are silent and the champagne hangover is just a memory. We said goodbye to the old year and hello to 2013. Resolutions were made and (as always) the number one resolution is to lose weight and get in shape.

Yes, my friends, your gym (and mine) got very crowded….again.

Parking Lot Panic

Around January 2, the parking lot at my gym looked like it was the week before Christmas and everything was marked at 50% off. I had to park the car further away than usual, which is actually a good thing (extra steps = extra activity points). However, I will admit that I started to mutter under my breath about the arrival of the much dreaded NEW YEAR NEWBIES.

Time to take a deep breath and come up with some strategies to deal with these new people in my well defined space.

My 3 Step Survival Guide

1) Take a deep cleansing breath and relax.

This is not the greatest challenge I have faced on this journey. Yes, I may have to change my well-honed routine for a little while. I may have to wait for the equipment, but stressing out over that, or worse choosing not to work out, is not going to help to keep me moving. And I am determined to keep moving.

2) Be open to trying something new

countrylinedancingSpeaking of the need to keep moving, I realized that this would be an excellent time to try something new and different. Now, I openly admit to be a pretty hardcore creature of habit, so there’s definitely some trepidation about trying the path less traveled (or at least, with fewer people in line). But again, the most important thing is to not let this derail my commitment to myself.

So, step out of the comfort zone a little? Sure. Try a new class or a new piece of equipment? Hmmm… now I remember that one of the most enjoyable gym experiences I have ever had was taking a line dancing class. I trudged into the class because everything else was booked, but I ended up having a ball. The first time was a case of having nothing else to do, but choosing to stay with the class provided me a good work out and a hell of a lot of fun.

ArcTrainerThere’s also the challenge of learning a different piece of work out equipment. This year, I am going to face the Arc Trainer at my gym for two reasons. First, there always seems to be an opening, and second, it is time for me to stop avoiding something new.

New Year, new challenges. Sounds about right to me.

3) Be supportive

At this point, I’ve been exercising long enough to feel comfortable walking into the gym and using the equipment without worrying about how I look, or if others are looking at me.

That was not always the case. Actually, it wasn’t that long ago that walking into the gym was one of the most intimidating parts of this weight loss process. 

I vividly remember what OMG-they’re-looking-at-me feels like.

LogoAttaBoySo when I see that deer in the headlights look on someones face, now I simply smile and offer up a word or two of encouragement. Maybe I can answer a question or two. Shockingly, I could probably show someone how the equipment works — and I have.

We never know when a well place atta boy will keep someone else moving forward on their own journey.

Pay it forward, people. Healthy people definitely make the planet a nicer place to live.

A Change Will Do You Good

Sometimes, being forced to change a routine can yield amazing results. Face it — the human body is an amazingly adaptive creation. It can and will adapt to the same routine being done in the same way at the same level. This efficiency ends up lowering the calories burned, which can slow weight loss. So it is good to keep the body guessing by varying workout routines.

That change, whether by choice or by force, can do a body good.

As always, my friends, I am on a lifetime journey to a better and healthier me, and I am thrilled to greet another new year, this time with more zest and energy than I’ve had in a long time.

You betcha. I am Not Done Yet!


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