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False Eyelashes for Fumblers (like me)


Yeah, okay, so this is a little off topic for our blog, and I doubt that Dexter is terribly interested in this post. So, fellas, look away. Ladies, have I got a good one for you.

Long eyelashes are the latest fashion accessory, and like other sorts of natural endowments, nature chose not to bestow bounty upon me in the eyelash department. I’m not really prepared to go the Latisse route due to the expense. So, I started hunting around for  Latisse-like results without the requirements of doctor visits and pricey prescriptions.

Found it! Follow me….

Getting those long lashes without a doctor’s note or pasting on plastic is a three step process.  It takes a little longer than my old morning mascara routine, but it’s very effective and a whole lot less frustrating than glue and expensive prescriptions. All in, this approach is around $60 for a 3+ months of gorgeous peeper accentuation.

Step 1: Grow Those Lashes

I absolutely love the following phrase I found when researching Latisse:

“If you suffer from inadequate eyelashes…”

Yes, I suffer.  My nonexistent, no color lashes are definitely an affliction.

Vanity, thy name is Kimi.

I figured there had to be something out there that might allow me to get bigger lashes without fumbling with the falsies. I couldn’t even wear contact lenses in high school (still can’t) because I kept missing when trying to poke that little disk into my eyeball. Me handling glue and furry caterpillars to attach to my eyelid was as far-fetched as the concept of “garden salad” in an airplane meal.

[pg_sas_image product_id=’1376′ float=’alignright’]Enter Nutra Luxe Lash MD.

I used this for about three or four weeks before I started really seeing progress in my lashes. After about six weeks, I felt like it was really working.  It’s around $35 to $40 at Amazon, has been ophthalmologist tested, and worked for me.


The Nutra Luxe is applied at the lash line like an eyeliner. It will apparently regrow eyebrow hair as well, which may be useful if you got a little too excited with the whole Great Gatsby look. I bought the bottle probably 6 months ago, and it’s still going strong because you use a very small amount for each application. They recommend one “pass” with the wand on each eye at night.

A word of warning: I did have a little bit of stinging with the first application, so if you’re super sensitive, this one may not work for you. I found that I didn’t have a problem after the first couple of applications. That said, right at my eyelash line where I apply the product, I did have a pale pink line that was probably from slight irritation. It went away after about two weeks.


Step 2: Volumize!

My friend Louann taught me this trick. Once you’ve got those eyelashes a-growing, you can really bump them out by curling the heck out of them (using one of those crazy eyelash curlers) then using two mascaras.

[pg_sas_image product_id=’1385′ float=’alignright’]Mascara number 1 is a volumizer – one of those that makes it look like I’ve got a whole bunch of lashes instead of just six or seven. I’ve tried a lot of different brands, and I must absolutely and firmly announce that I am a L’Oreal mascara girl.

You know… because I’m worth it.  Oh, and more importantly — because it works.

Seriously, I had a whole Facebook exchange on this topic with several girlfriends. 9 out of 10 agree that L’Oreal is the best mascara, hands down.

Okay, maybe it was just my best friend from high school who agreed with me. What can I say – validation is always good.

I’m a big fan of L’Oreal’s Voluminous Million Lashes for this part of the job.  I also use that one on my lower lashes.

So here’s the deal: You put the volumizer mascara of your choice on your (newly lengthened lashes thanks to Nutra Lash), let that dry a teensy bit, two coats if you’d like. Then, before it can get clumpy, follow up with a lengthening mascara…


Step Three: Lashes As Long as Your Arm

[pg_sas_image product_id=’1388′ float=’alignright’]Carefully, and before the volumizing mascara gets too dry, begin applying the lengthening mascara of your choice. (My favorite is L’Oreal Shocking Extensions)

If you want to work a little slower at first (I did), consider doing one eye at a time.  I typically use…

  • 1 coat volumizer mascara
  • 2 coats lengthening mascara

Going slowly helps to avoid the clumping. I take my time with the wands.

Also, it’s super important to make sure the mascara is “fresh.” Anything older than 6 months will start to get sticky and not work as well. Be sure to close the cap tight when you’re done. I like that the L’Oreal once “click” when they’re fully closed.

PS, I apply the volumizer mascara to my bottom lashes after the top one has dried.


Mirror, Mirror On the Wall…

[pg_sas_image product_id=’1391′ float=’alignright’]So this is the last piece of the puzzle, and it’s an important one. To successfully put on mascara without getting under your eye, over your eye, and everywhere you don’t want it, consider investing in an adjustable, table-top mirror like the one at the right.

It doesn’t need to be lighted unless you find that helpful. What’s important is the ability to tilt the mirror so that you’re looking down as you’re applying the mascara. This helps get the best application (works great with eyeliner, too) and keeps the mascara from getting everywhere.


Here’s Looking at You, Kid!

So there you have it. Fabulous lashes using easy and cost effective tools. Tah-Dah!

Enjoy, and please share if you have additional ideas for the fabulousness arsenal.


Wishing You an Awesomelicious Day,


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