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South Beach Diet, Part Deux: Sand in the Underwear


Week two on the South Beach Diet was… well, it was a bit like having sand in the underwear. Uncomfortable with few options to improve it.

Of course, in full disclosure, I should say that I really did Phase 2 in week 2 rather than a second week of Phase 1.

Read on for the gritty details…

Day 8 – Saturday

I felt better having started the day with a green smoothie that included fruit (told ya I was going back to my original recipe). Still, I struggled mightily to find appropriate food options that would keep me full. The hardest part on this diet has been replacing fruit, which had been much of my “go to” snacks, as well as carrots, which I like to have with Greek yogurt-based dip. Both were out of the allowable options. That meant that, despite my good intentions, I was back to nuts, nut butters and dairy as my primary snack foods.

Day 9 – Sunday

PaleoBreadNo real change. Continuing to feel sluggish and not well prepared for the challenges of South Beach. Plus, the scale continued to be uncooperative.

My basic pattern seemed to be this: I would do well for one day, focusing on lean protein and vegetables, then I’d be ravenously hungry the next day, and end up overindulging in nuts, nut butters and dairy.

That said, I did not raise the white flag of defeat. I tried something new to add a little more texture and variety, as well as hopefully some energy to the mix. Paleo Bread!

Strictly speaking, paleo bread is not allowed on Phase 1 of South Beach because it uses almond flour, and no flours of any sort, nut or otherwise, are “foods to enjoy” on Phase 1.

But y’all… I had to do something.

I used a basic paleo bread recipe shown below. 90 seconds later (woohoo, microwave cooking!), I had bread. No, really! Bread from the microwave! Now, it was BETTER after I had gently sliced and toasted it, but bread nonetheless.

Basic Paleo Bread Recipe

· 1/3 cup almond flour

· 3 Tbsp of liquid egg whites or 1 beaten egg

· 2 Tbsp of seltzer water (optional)

· ½ tsp baking powder

· Pinch of salt

Mix together with a fork and microwave. Oil or butter may be added if you wish, replacing the seltzer water. You can also add a tablespoon of chia or flax seed to enhance flavor and volume.

Very cool!

I played around with the recipe a little bit, using oat flour (old fashioned oats ground up in the Magic Bullet) and adding cocoa powder, Truvia and about a teaspoon of grapeseed oil. My teenage son devoured this (very healthy) chocolate cake and came looking for more. Now THAT was a win!!

No, don’t ask me what the PP values are on the bread or the cake. I was too exhausted from baking and the SB diet to check.

Day 10 – Monday… The Sun is Not Shining in South Beach

ZumbaMondays are tough enough already. Add South Beach Sluggishness into the mix, and I was thoroughly done with the day before it even started.

I did find that my energy had started to come back somewhat. I didn’t feel quite as tired, although I was still on the see-saw of a “good” day then a “bad” day.

The Monday Highlight was enjoying a totally sizzling Zumba Class that night. Thanks, Marcela! I needed that!!

Day 11 – Tuesday… I Start Breaking Bad

Like all Tuesdays, my day began with an early Body Pump and CX Works class. I found that my energy levels were pretty good, and we had a terrific time at the Tuesday night Zumba class that I teach. That said, by the time I got home from the gym that night, I was STARVING.

I ate a whole wheat tortilla with peanut butter spread on it then went to bed. That roll up marked the beginning of the end.

Day 12 – Wednesday – The Towel is Officially Thrown

I went for my little-teeny-less-than-three-mile-run with my husband and son in the morning, and I couldn’t manage to actually run it. At all. My energy was so low that I couldn’t even force myself to continue a slow jog through the route.

And that was an official wrap.

In honor of the auspicious moment, I had a great big green smoothie with strawberries AND banana for breakfast, packed myself a wrap sandwich for lunch and called an official end to my South Beach Diet experiment.

I had a hedonistic sort of eating day, with the full recognition that Thursday would bring a complete return to 5 servings of fruits and veggies daily, tracking and hopefully a boatload more energy.

I thoroughly enjoyed my “night off.” My son and I went out for yummy pizza and Boston cream pie, and we were unexpectedly entertained by an awesome magician at the restaurant (go check out Jonathan the Juggler at Joe’s Inn on Wednesday nights!). Plus, we got to see a rainbow after our excellent meal.

Did you know the rainbow ends at CVS? Check it out!

Rainbow at CVS


I also realized that I’m not cut out for the low-carb life. Being a veg-aquarian eater (no land animals, but fish and dairy okay), it makes it a little tougher to find options on the diet without getting bored.

That said, I think it would be tough for a lot of people to avoid boredom on this diet.

Ultimately, I need to work on traking and portion control, as always, in order to manage my weight.

Most important lesson?  A slice of pizza and a piece of pie every once in a while is fantastic for the soul, especially when shared with those we love.


Wishing you an Awesomelicious Day!



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