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Find Your AntiOxidants Here

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We’ve all heard of antioxidants – according to our doctors, we should all be getting lots and lots of them. But I often wondered, are there different kinds of antioxidants?  If so, where do they live? Follow me after the jump to get the 411 on the history of superfruits and their antioxidant booty!

Ichabod’s Electron Ride

HeadlessHorsemanAntioxidants, as we’ve all heard, fight free radicals by giving these pirate cells the booty they crave — an extra electron that the free radical is missing.

That free radical is on the hunt for its missing electron the way that Ichabod Crane is forever looking for his head. And just as ruthless as Ichabod, if that free radical doesn’t get an electron from friendly, soothing antioxidants, it will steal an electron from healthy cells… rendering them unhealthy, electron-less and left wallowing in the aftermath of near-destruction.

It’s an electron crime that only leads to bad, bad things. Basically, the free radical not only damages that cell it stole from, it also can damage your DNA and set us up for some really nasty diseases.

HowAntioxidants Work

The nice part is, we can end the destruction by eating yummy fruit! Check the graphic below for a super review of superfruit history.

History of Superfruits


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  1. OMG!!!! LOOK AT YOU!!!!! all clever on the interwebs AND with healthy stuff!!!!!
    VERY proud of you, on many many levels!!

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