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January 23, 2013
by kiminotdoneyet

New-tella: Hazelnut Spread Happiness

If you’re a fan of this yummy spreadable goodness… me, too! It doesn’t love us back, though. At 200 calories for 2 tablespoons (half of those calories coming from fat), this was a treat that I’ve had to leave at the store. 

Because a “serving size” can, of course, be the entire jar if one has the right dipping implements or spread receiver (like a spoon). Just so you know, that’s 2,000 calories for the jar.


But fear not. We have the tools to create NEW-TELLA! Continue Reading →

1800 Feature Image-thumb

January 8, 2013
by kiminotdoneyet

1,800 Seconds

I want to write a blog that inspires you to action.

Specifically, I want to inspire you to 1,800 consecutive seconds of action.

The kind of action that makes your blood pulse, your neurons fire and your epidermal layer glow. Action that quickens your breath and excites your adrenals.

Action you want so much that you almost need it.

…I may not have inspired you yet, did I at least get your attention? Continue Reading →

Imacon Color Scanner

January 2, 2013
by kiminotdoneyet

Bonus Year: Is It Time?

Greetings, all, from 2013, the year that almost wasn’t. Seriously, when December 22nd actually showed up, I had a lot of catching up to do on my holiday shopping and wrapping!

My son did point out that all the hard work we’ve put in over the last 18 months to get fit and strong would come in handy in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Glad we didn’t have to test that theory.

So now that 2013 is upon us, the question looms — what shall we do with it? Make the same resolution as last year or try something a little different? Continue Reading →


December 18, 2012
by kiminotdoneyet

Holiday Survival Guide: Quick Fixes for Crazy Days

If I’m not careful, one of the things that can suffer during the holiday time crunch is my meal schedule. Short on time can mean eating later — and often in restaurants, food courts or picking at party buffets — because that seems to be “what works.”

BUT, I have fashioned a couple tricks to get in a good, points-friendly meal in a hurry. Continue Reading →

Christmas Bombe

December 16, 2012
by dexternotdoneyet

Holiday Survival Guide: To Gift or Not to Gift

Let me begin by saying I love the holiday season. Just about everything about it excites me. From the hustle and bustle of the crowds at the local mall to the quiet calm of Christmas Eve. I love the holidays and all the trappings that come with it. Whether its Rudolph’s bright blinking nose or the sacred stories of an infant’s birth, there is nothing I don’t love about the holiday season and its myriad of traditions.

However. <ahem and holly> This year I may be accused of being a little bit like ole Ebenezer Scrooge and bah humbugging some people’s holiday expectations of me. Continue Reading →


December 7, 2012
by kiminotdoneyet

Holiday Survival Guide: The Alice Rule

The holiday cookie tins. Peanut brittle. Christmas candy. Fudge in all flavors. And of course, the time-tested fruit cake.

The gift of food comes in all shapes, sizes, flavors and colors. It almost never comes with nutrition labels, ingredient lists or Weight Watchers PointsPlus values attached.

It also doesn’t come with a gift receipt for returns.

So how does a conscientious individual who’s trying to mind their waistline (not to mention their cholesterol, sodium and sugar intake) manage through this field of loving landmines?

One way is the Alice Rule… Continue Reading →


December 4, 2012
by dexternotdoneyet

Finding a New Focus: Getting To Goal in 8 Weeks – Week 8

It’s hard to believe that eight short weeks ago, our clever Weight Watchers Leader tossed the gauntlet to the ground with this question:

How much weight do you want to lose in the next 8 weeks?

A chorus of 8, 10, 12 or more quickly rose from the group. Knowing she had us, she simply smiled and said, “So how do you plan to make it happen?”

The challenge was ON! Continue Reading →


November 30, 2012
by kiminotdoneyet

8K Training Team: Race Day – We Run for Medals

The big day is here. Our coaches tell us that we are exceptionally well trained for this race. We’ve got our bib numbers pinned on, we’ve found our wave. The pink sky of dawn seems painted just to celebrate race day with us. It’s chilly, but we’re buzzing with excitement. I’m actually jumping up and down I’m so excited. So is the girl behind me. We run into each other, so then Dexter takes our picture.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I find myself wondering how we got here.

Well, yes, we drove. But BEFORE that.

How did Dexter and I become part of this amazing group of people?

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November 27, 2012
by kiminotdoneyet

I Know I Ate It Because I Wrote It Down: Getting to Goal in 8 Weeks – Week 7

Tracking. It is both comforting and the bane of my existence. It is my mirror, my nemesis, my buddy and my albatross.

Here’s the thing about tracking, a.k.a., keeping a food journal. It works.

This article from WebMD  and countless others could not be more clear: the most important tools you need to lose weight is not the latest video set or an ab roller.

The most important tools to weight loss are pen and paper. Continue Reading →